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About Us

Our History

God blessed us with a rich spiritual heritage. We are both preachers' kids who came to know the Lord at young ages. Our parents were a wonderful example to us - they loved to serve the Lord in word and music. Their influence had a profound impact on our lives.

We met at Cedarville College in Ohio in 1966. We thank God for His direction and guidance in bringing us together. We graduated, married, and began our adventure through life!

As an ordained minister, Dave served churches in Michigan, Florida and Ohio. However, after 25 years in the local church ministry, the Lord expanded Dave's ministry to other venues: hospice chaplain, grief counselor, and group leader in a local school system. Then He gave Dave the opportunity to be in the CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) training program for hospital chaplains at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus. Upon completion of this one year residency, Dave accepted a position at St. Ann's Hospital (Westerville, OH) as Emergency Room Chaplain where he continues to serve. Dave has earned a Master of Arts in Family Ministry at Winebrenner Theological Seminary and is a Board Certified Chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains. 
Darlene has been right beside Dave throughout this amazing journey.  Raising their three children and being a homemaker was the joy of her life for many years. When the kids became older, Darlene felt up to the challenge of venturing outside the home and served as the Administrative Secretary for Integrity & Compliance and Legal Services at Mount Carmel Health Systems for many years. Darlene is now retired and enjoying this new chapter of her life.   

We love our community -- Dave is one of the Chaplains for the Westerville Police and Fire Departments which is another great opportunity for sharing the love of our Savior.  Our faith is stronger and our love for Him grows deeper as we keep our eyes on the Lord. We are aware that He directs each step we take. 

Our Family

We thank God for our kids and their families. It is amazing to see God at work in each of their lives.  They, indeed, are very special to us.

                                       Families:  Dave & Janel Murdoch                  John & Dawna Standley                  Ben & Deb Carter
                                                        Landon and Grayson                     Andrew, Adam, Seth,                        Kemp, Helen and Henry
                                                                                                               Emma and Hannah  

Our Music

Music is a way of sharing our faith and love for the Lord. Music gives comfort, joy, hope and encouragement. When our hearts are broken or discouraged, music can soothe and become a balm of healing. The melodious strains and meaningful words remind us that God is in control even though our circumstances seem out of control. It is also a means to communicate our love, adoration, and praise to our wonderful Savior.

We seek to minister to hearts.  It is a joy when people start to sing along with us; then our hearts are in tune together as we praise the Lord.

Our Ministry

This verse from Eph. 5:19 will help explain our ministry:

Speaking to yourselves in
psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs;
singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

Psalms Scripture put to music. This is a joyful way to memorize Gods Word and make it a vital part of life.

Hymns Doctrine put to music. The old hymns carry so many doctrinal truths and fundamental messages that we cannot ignore them. Those strains still stir hearts and bring tears to eyes as they focus on the Cornerstone of our faith, Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Songs Testimony put to music. These songs encourage us in knowing that we are not alone in our walk on this earth -- others have struggled, perhaps fallen, and the Lord has lifted them and walked with them through it all.

Ministry with you

We are available for preaching services, concerts, evangelistic meetings, banquets, retreats, etc. Perhaps you would like to learn
more about a chaplain's ministry. 

We would be honored and delighted to have the opportunity to worship with you. It will be an experience to collectively join in praise, singing and making melody in our hearts to the Lord.

How to contact us:

The Murdochs
2834 Cooper Ridge Rd
Columbus OH 43231
Home: 614-523-0079
Cell: 614-499-6020
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The Murdochs - Worship & Hymn Music
The Murdochs - Worship & Hymn Music
The Murdochs - Worship & Hymn Music The Murdochs - Worship & Hymn Music The Murdochs - Worship & Hymn Music
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