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@import url(;@import url(/pages/cute_editor.css); Dave and Darlene: What a great family gathering. You both made it very special for Shirley and I. Thank you for such a wonderful mesage in song for the folks at Calvary Fellowship Homes whihc brought so may tears of joy to those old folks. Thank you for the free CD 'hook'. I have played it all week in the car headed for work and enjoyed it so much I had to order all the rest. Your ministry in Christ is a beautiful reflection of his love for us. I will pray that God continues to use you both to his glory.
Love, John

John Minatelli
Sanford, FL

Dear Bro. and Sister Murdoch,
I just wanted to say hello. I ran across your website and could not believe that I found you after thirty years. You probably won't remember me. Mrs. Murdoch, you were my sixth grade teacher at TCA. You went out on maternity leave and only taught half the year. You were one of my favorite teachers. I was just a child, but you had such an impact on my life. I always loved to hear you both sing. Joy Comes in the Morning was my favorite. I love music and your music was always a blessing to me. Praise the Lord that you've continued to serve the Lord in music and share the talents that God has blessed you with!

Darlene (Cagle) Bullard
Jacksonville FL USA

Hello Dave & Darlene,
Remember me? Ike & I are still here in Chillicothe and still at Calvary Baptist Church. I am the secretary here. Everytime we receive the OARBC newsletter The Link, I see your ministry promotion and say 'I wonder how they're doing.' Well, I'm finally contacting you, to see how you're doing. If you check out our church's Website (above), you can view a 'mug shot' of me under the 'Staff' link. Hope to hear from you soon. Mary Freeman

Mary Freeman
Chillicothe OH United States

I found your Website by Yahoo! Search And I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

Allan Svensson

Dear Brother Dave, and Sister Darlene,
It was wonderful speaking to you on the phone today. Thirty years have passed, since I last spoke to you, and am glad I have caught up with you both. Just to let you know, your cassette tape 'From Our Heart To Yours' has blessed us for those thirty years, and been used in and out of our (small) churches over those years, on many occassions. Only Eternity will reveal what each of those special songs did for us spiritually, including me. Your Friend, Dr. Bob Leib, Pastor, Boaz Baptist Church PA

Pastor Bob Leib
770 Old Lincoln Hwy, Stoystown PA, 15563

So happy to have found you again. We have been blessed over the years by your tapes and we look forward to ordering some cd's shortly. It has been a long time since our days at New Life Island Camp and it is wonderful to find people years later who continue to walk with the Lord and serve Him.

Bob and Wanda Neipp
Winchester New Hampshire USA

hi dave and darlene it was nice seeing you today love the music god loves you your friend from the church of the brethren

linda burden
HUNTSVILLE ohio logan

It was so great talking with you guys on the phone today. Ya'll look so good on here.You two really haven't changed much at all, however, the kids... that's self-explanatory. What a great web-site and family! My dad called me today and was thrilled beyond words that he heard from you today. It meant everything to him, and it means everything to me. I love you guys and your brother and wife. Thanks again for praying with me.You have no idea what an encouragement that is for me. I hope we can stay in touch from time-to-time. May God continue to faithfully bless you and your families.

Dawn E. Bliss
Honolulu HI. USA

Received the CD's I ordered and love them all. So does my husband. If you will be in our area--Akron, Canton, Cleveland--let me know. We would love to come see you! Love ya, Linda

Linda Adams
Mogadore Ohio USA

I will order some CD's. I cannot get the samples to play, but I am sure I want the CD's from the one I did hear on BBN. Great talking with you tonight.

Karen Buchanan Crowder
Savannah, Georgia

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The Murdochs - Worship & Hymn Music
The Murdochs - Worship & Hymn Music
The Murdochs - Worship & Hymn Music The Murdochs - Worship & Hymn Music The Murdochs - Worship & Hymn Music
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